This site serves as a home for the written work of Paul J. Morrison. You can read Paul’s most recent posts and articles across various platforms through the links below, and find information on his new book here.

Recent Articles and Publications:

Paul J. Morrison, “The Chief Beginning of Man: Finding an Ethic of the Imago Dei through Biblical Theology.” Presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, November 16, 2022. Digital Copy.
Paul J. Morrison, “Must I Repent of My Father’s Sins Also? Objective Spirit and The Dissolving Hope of Communion without Community,” Center for Pastor Theologians, October 3, 2022. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2022/10/3/must-i-repent-of-my-fathers-sins-also-objective-spirit-and-the-dissolving-hope-of-communion-without-community.
Paul J. Morrison, “Race and Virtue: The Virtuous Mean as Vehicle for the Integrated Church,” Bulletin for Ecclesial Theology 9.1 (September 2022): 59–72. https://www.pastortheologians.com/academic-articles/bet9-1/race-and-virtue.
Paul J. Morrison, “Why Emmaus? An Appeal for Ecclesial Theology,” Humble Orthodoxy, August 1, 2022. https://humbleorthodoxy.org/2022/08/01/why_emmaus/.
Paul J. Morrison, “The Pastor as Ethicist,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, February 14, 2022. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2022/2/14/the-pastor-as-ethicist.
Paul J. Morrison, “Christ and (Celebrity) Culture: A Niebuhrian Review of Media and the Church,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, August 16, 2021. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2021/8/16/christ-and-celebrity-culture-a-niebuhrian-review-of-media-and-the-church.
Paul J. Morrison, “Potlucks and Priesthoods: A Baptistic Reproof of the SBCs Fear of Critical Race Theory,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, June 14, 2021. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2021/10/06/potlucks-and-priesthoods.
Paul J. Morrison, “The Ideals and Idols of the Pastor Theologian,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, April 9, 2021. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2021/4/9/the-ideals-and-idols-of-the-pastor-theologian.
Paul J. Morrison, “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Colder: Christian Fellowship’s Antidote to the Echo Chamber,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, March 3, 2021. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2021/3/3/distance-makes-the-heart-grow-colder-christian-fellowships-antidote-to-the-echo-chamber .
Paul J. Morrison, “How My Seminary PhD Makes Me a Better Pastor,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, January 28, 2021. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2021/1/28/how-my-seminary-phd-makes-me-a-better-pastor.
Paul J. Morrison, “Humility Among the Virtues,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, December 19, 2020. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2020/12/19/humility-among-the-virtues.
Paul J. Morrison, “Gratitude for Faithful Others,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, November 12, 2020. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2020/11/12/gratitude-for-faithful-others.
Paul J. Morrison, “Critical Race Theory, Loaded Language, and an Appeal for Nuance and Charity,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, September 28, 2020. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2020/9/28/critical-race-theory-loaded-language-and-an-appeal-for-nuance-and-charity.
Paul J. Morrison, “Race and Love: The Virtuous Mean as Vehicle for the Integrated Church,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, September 4, 2020. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2020/9/2/race-and-love-the-virtuous-mean-as-vehicle-for-the-integrated-church.
Paul J. Morrison, “You Do Not Bear the Sword: A Christian Response to the Murder of Ahmaud Arbery,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, May 12, 2020. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2020/5/12/you-do-not-bear-the-sword-a-christian-response-to-the-murder-of-ahmaud-arbery.
Paul J. Morrison, “Binging Character: Identity and the False Sureness of Expertise,” The Center for Pastor Theologians, March 27, 2020. https://www.pastortheologians.com/articles/2020/3/27/binging-character-identity-and-the-false-sureness-of-expertise.
Paul J. Morrison, “A Question of Reparations in the Southern Baptist Convention: The Zacchaeus Principle.” The Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement, Part 1: January 7, 2019, Part 2: January 14, 2019.